Description: A rigorous high school chemistry class intended to introduce students to the general concepts of chemistry and provide real-world application and mastery. The history of modern chemistry, mathematics, and technical communication is integrated throughout the class so that students will understand the relevance of chemistry to other subjects. The grade is based on attendance, participation, quizzes and tests, as well as virtual lab assignments and hands-on projects. This class is worth 1 high school credit in Science.

Grade Level: 11-12 (ages 16-18). Academically strong 10th graders may also take this class. 

Prerequisites: Completion of Algebra I. Chemistry requires students to successfully balance algebraic equations with ratios and proportions; therefore, it is suggested that students also complete Algebra II or take it concurrently with Chemistry. 

Students taking Algebra II simultaneously can also take this class.

Required Materials: General Chemistry by John D. Mays. Students will need access to a scientific calculator and Microsoft Excel or another similar program. Students will need a way to scan/upload assignments. Conventional scanners are fine but you can also find apps for your smart phone as well. A free online virtual chemistry lab will be utilized and other low-cost household items may be required. Students will also need a headset microphone (built-in microphones also work).

Chemistry AJennifer SandersonM, W8:00 - 9:30 AM ET9/11/2023 - 5/31/20240.000000$675.00
Chemistry BJennifer SandersonM, W4:20 - 5:50 PM ET9/11/2023 - 5/31/20240.000000$675.00
Chemistry CChandler DowningT, Th4:20 - 5:50 PM ET9/11/2023 - 5/31/20240.000000$675.00