Mrs. Messer is a Latin instructor at Memoria Academy. She graduated with a philosophy degree from Grove City College in Pennsylvania where she discovered that her favorite classes could all be found in a classical education! She taught Latin, logic, and math at a classical Christian school and enjoys watching students make connections in their learning to what they already know. She lives in Virginia with her husband and their four children. When time allows, she enjoys nature walks and learning to make sourdough bread.
First Form Latin GCourtney MesserT2:40 - 4:10 PM ET9/9/2024-5/30/202512$625.00
Henle Latin I Units 1-5 CCourtney MesserTh1:00 - 2:30 PM ET9/9/2024-5/30/202513$695.00
Second Form Latin HCourtney MesserT1:00 - 2:30 PM ET9/9/2024-5/30/20252$645.00