Memoria Academy strives to provide the best education possible to homeschooled students. For several years we have offered AP classes that provide strong students the opportunity to master content and be prepared to excel at the AP exam at the end of the year. In the pursuit of further opportunities for our students, we are partnering with Colorado Christian University’s CCU Academy to offer courses that can be taken for dual credit.

Tuition Cost

Costs are kept to a minimum.

Students that wish to take a course at Memoria Academy that offers dual credit pay the regular course fee at registration and afterwards pay a $200 fee directly to CCU Academy.

Courses and Credits

Courses that are approved by CCU Academy have the option of receiving credit both from Memoria Academy towards high school graduation and from CCU towards college graduation. These courses are awarded 3-6 credits from CCU Academy depending on each course. The courses on the right have been approved for the upcoming school year.

AP European History
AP U.S. History A
AP U.S. History B
Tolkien/Lewis A
Tolkien/Lewis B

Timeline for Approval

Memoria Academy is currently working with CCU Academy to make sure our classes will meet their requirements. Those that have already registered for the projected courses will be informed when that approval is granted.


Students that register for dual credit classes must register with CCU Academy anytime from August 15th to November 15th of that school year.

Dual Credit Benefits with CCU Academy

  • Transferability: Most colleges and universities across the nation will accept CCU dual credits as they are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Note that CCU Academy will not offer refunds for course credits that do not transfer to institutions.
  • Speeds up college: Students can graduate early or pursue an additional major when they enter college with some credits already earned.
  • Affordability: Per credit hour, dual credit is less expensive than college courses. CCU Academy and Memoria Academy aim to enable families to afford an entire Christian education. Students that took dual credit courses with Memoria Academy and CCU Academy will be eligible to receive up to a $5,000 CCU Academy Scholarship to CCU’s College of Undergraduate Studies.*

*Terms and conditions do apply