Five Greek Plays and What They Can Teach Us

Description: 2,500 years ago, Greek poets created drama, and in so doing laid the foundation for how we think about plot, character, and dramatic structure. More than that, they created an enduring example of poetic beauty and moral truth that continues to speak to readers and audiences today. In this course, we will look at how these plays were staged, the particular approach of each of their creators, and the critical functions such plays served in the vibrant democracy of Athens. We will examine four of the greatest tragedies and one comedy. This thought-provoking course will show what these plays can teach us and why they are so timeless. This course will be taught by Lieutenant Commander Adam Wolfe (USNR, retired), who has taught Greek for several years and given many public talks on the classical tradition.   Grade Level: Ages 18+. Optional Materials: Materials to be determined
Five Greek Plays and What They Can Teach Us Adult A SummerAdam WolfeT9:40 - 11:10 AM ET7/10/2023 - 8/11/202312$99.95