National Latin Exam

Description: The five-week National Latin Exam (NLE) preparatory course is a weekly online class for those students who will be taking the Introductory, Beginning, Intermediate, or Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension Exam of the National Latin Exam in March. The NLE not only includes skill-level appropriate Latin grammar, vocabulary, and syntax but also Roman culture and life, mythology, history, geography, oral Latin, derivatives, mottos, reading comprehension, etc. Students will study each subject(s) week by week via power point presentations and class interaction as well as independent reading, study, and practice exams. Students need to take the exam level that best reflects their current level of Latin study. If there are any questions as to which level of the NLE should be taken, students or parents should confer with either their Latin teacher or with the MA instructor. See for more information.
Seniors who earn a Summa Cum Laude on the Advanced Latin Prose Exam, Advanced Latin Poetry Exam, or the Advanced Latin Reading Comprehension Exam may apply for a renewable college scholarship if studies in Classical Latin or Greek are continued in college.
Below are the general suggestions for NLE level according to the Form Series or Henle Latin. For students outside of MA, please consult the syllabus for your level here and confer with Mrs. Strickland ([email protected]) as to the appropriate level for your level of Latin. N.B. Students are responsible for material on any prior levels’ syllabi.
    • First Form Latin: Do not take the NLE. 
    • Second Form Latin: Do not take the NLE.
    • Third Form Latin: Introductory Exam is suggested; strong and/or high school students may take the Beginning Latin Exam. 
    • Fourth Form Latin: Beginning Latin Exam is suggested; strong and/or high school students may take the Intermediate Latin Exam (will require some independent work). 
    • Henle Units 1-5: Take Introductory Exam
    • Henle Units 6-14: Take Beginning Latin Exam.
    • Henle Latin II (Caesar): Intermediate Latin Exam is suggested; strong high school students may take the Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension Exam (will require independent work). 
    • Henle Latin III (Cicero)Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension Exam; strong students may take the Advanced Latin Prose Exam.
    • AP Latin: Advanced Latin Prose OR Advanced Poetry Exam; strong students may take the Advanced Latin Reading Comprehension Exam.

Dates: The dates for the 2024 NLE are listed here and NLE Prep class are posted below. Students register for the exam directly with the NLE. MA does not provide testing services.

Required Materials: The appropriate NLE Guide by Memoria Press. Students will also need a USB headset microphone (built-in microphones also work).