Students should take Second Form Latin if ready, or continue with whatever course builds on the Latin taken previously. If your student has no Latin background, then First Form Latin is recommended.

Classical Composition

For students continuing in the Classical Composition method, Chreia and Maxim is recommended. Students unfamiliar with Classical Composition should take Fable and Narrative. View all of our composition offering here.

Classical Studies

Students with no background in Classical Studies should begin with Famous Men of the Middle Ages, then Famous Men of Greece.


Students have a number of literature options, but one of the following literature courses would be suitable for this grade level.


Depending on interest, students should take one of the following courses, or another appropriate science course.


Students should take Sixth Grade Math or another appropriate math course.

Modern History

In sixth grade, Guerber U.S. History is recommended. View the other history courses here.


Geography I is the best option for sixth grade student looking for a geography course.