Special Needs Classes

Education is about human flourishing, and as such must minister to all students. We are excited to announce classes specifically for special needs students at the Memoria Academy. These classes will have a lower class size and appropriate pacing for those students that need more time to master the material. Class curriculum and pacing will be drawn from the Simply Classical Curriculum, the first classical curriculum developed for special needs students.

Classes at a Glance

  • Maximum of 8 students
  • Pacing ideal for special needs students
  • Some classes are shorter but more frequent
  • Live classes are designed with shorter activities to help keep student attention
  • Dedicated repetition to ensure mastery
  • Multisensory approach for retention
  • Superb classical curriculum developed by Memoria Press
  • Supported by the author of Simply Classical, Cheryl Swope

Ideal Students

  • For children with significant special needs (those who just need slight modifications should consider our standard classes)
  • Currently classes are designed for students that are at ability or age 10-14

Expectations of Parents

  • As students can have difficulty focusing in an online class, parents must attend the classes with the student
  • Material will need to be reinforced throughout the week
  • Parents will need to proctor and assist with online quizzes and deadlines

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