Terms and Conditions

Who Can Register?

Only students in grades 3-12 may register for our regular online classes. Adults or teachers-in-training may take classes marked as for adults, but no adults are allowed in our student classes during the regular school year.

Registration & Payment

Payment for your courses is required to register and reserve your spot in the course. At checkout you will have the option to pay in full with credit card or set up a payment plan from an authorized checking account. For payment plans, 25% of the total balance is due at checkout and the remaining balance is split evenly over the subsequent months based on the payment plan available at the time of registration. You are not eligible for any discount that might be available if you are splitting your registration into payments. Summer courses are not eligible to be paid with a payment plan. Payment plans are also subject to the Drop Policy below. 

Drop Policy, Transfers, and Refunds

Because of busy schedules and potential conflicts with the class times, some people may find that they have to drop a class. All drop requests must be received via a refund or exchange request on your student account at www.memoriaacademy.com/my-account.

Drop Policy: Once registration opens for the school year, if it is necessary to drop a course there is a $25 drop fee per Summer course, $50 per Semester course, and a $75 drop fee for every year long course. Adult intensive courses incur a $50 drop fee. The drop fee will always be assessed per course and covers administrative costs. You will receive a full refund minus the drop fee.

A student is allowed to attend two weeks of class and if he or she needs to drop the course only the drop fee will be assessed. After two weeks no refunds will be issued. If a student registers mid-year or some other time during the school year, the student/family still has two weeks within which the course may be dropped with a refund, minus the drop fee.

You may still request to withdraw from a course after the refund deadline. Though you will not receive a refund, your student will move to auditing status. Your student may still access course materials (except assessments), but they will receive a “W” on their official grade report. Attempting to withdraw after 11/08/2024 for full-year and fall courses or after 3/28/2025 for spring courses will trigger a “W while passing” or “W while failing” based on your student’s current progress in the course.

Transfers: A course transfer should be requested in the student account at www.memoriaacademy.com/my-account. Upon requesting a transfer, the administration will either approve or cancel the request. You will be notified by email. Any difference in price will be either refunded via store credit or paid once the exchange is approved. Requests to transfer from one course to another must be submitted within the drop/refund period. 

Summer Classes: All drops must be requested by 5:00pm Eastern on 7/19/24
Full Year and Fall Only Classes: All drops must be requested by 5:00pm Eastern on 9/20/24
Spring Only Classes: All drops must be requested by 5:00pm Eastern on 2/7/25

*This includes Diploma Program students. No partial refunds or credits will be issued for drops beyond these dates.

Class Times & Cancellations

Class times for most classes will be published during the spring and many classes will have multiple times, so as to provide you with the greatest degree of flexibility in your schedule. Memoria Academy reserves the right to cancel courses with fewer than 10 students. If this happens, you will receive a full refund for the course or a credit for another course, whichever you prefer.

Occasionally a situation arises when a teacher must provide a recorded lecture in lieu of a live class. This does not happen very often since we have a list of qualified substitutes, and normally we have advanced warning about these kinds of situations. Some examples are: an unavoidable physician appointment, sickness, death in the family, or a baby being born. Providing a qualified substitute teacher is the first course of action, but occasionally we’ve had to utilize a pre-recorded lecture if a substitute was unable to fill in.

Class Size

We strive to keep our class sizes small and believe that an overcrowded classroom is detrimental to learning. Most of our classes are capped 15-16 students. Other classes, like Senior Thesis, might have a cap of 12 students.

Switching Class Sections

As a general rule, we try to publish most of the available sections for class early. However, we will sometimes announce a second or third section of a class after the initial section is published. We ask that those who sign up for a particular day and time stay with the day and time initially chosen. If you find that there is some sort of unavoidable conflict (e.g. your Co-op day was switched) then simply request a transfer in the “My Account” section of our site and we will try to accommodate your request. 

Parental Responsibility

We believe that the parent should take the primary role in the education of their students. Registration with Memoria Academy does not mitigate this responsibility, but enhances it through a partnership with our teachers. Memoria Academy teachers are assigned to teach and grade student assignments (unless assignments are automatically graded), as well as communicating with students and parents via the Forums, in order to carefully lead students to a mastery of the subject matter. Parents are not responsible for teaching the content or grading assignments, but they are still responsible for checking up on their students and being familiar with the Student/Parent Handbook. Two easy ways to do this is are: (1) Log-in with the student’s information and check their progress/grades, and (2) Spot-check the student’s work each week. Spot-checking can be done by taking a quick look at the Student Guide (if applicable) that the student is filling out. In some cases, when there are written assignments required, parents will perhaps want to help proofread assignments before they are submitted. Last of all, in some cases an instructor will require a parent to proctor quizzes and/or exams. If this is the case then the instructor will let your student know ahead of time and parents will need to send an from their personal e-mail address (to the instructor) to verify that their student has completed the assignment with integrity. Please make sure that you have both a parent e-mail address and telephone number on file with us. These information fields are located in the student profile both at memoriapressacademy.com and mpoa.memoriapress.com.

Cheating and Plagiarism

Memoria Academy’s policy on cheating and plagiarism is spelled out on page 9 of the Parent/Student Handbook. It states: “MA expects academic integrity from all students. Academic dishonesty, including but not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, or assisting another in the same, is subject to disciplinary action or expulsion.”

Generally the first confirmed offense receives a 0% on the assignment or quiz in question. Typically the second confirmed offense is met with expulsion from all classes in the Academy for the remainder of the year.

No refunds will be given for students who are expelled from Memoria Academy due to cheating or plagiarism.

Contact Information

At all times it is the responsibility of the student and parent to keep all contact information located in the student’s profile updated. Much of our communication takes place through e-mail so having up-to-date information is crucial.  This information includes a valid student e-mail, parent e-mail, and a telephone number. This information can be updated by logging in as your student at memoriaacademy.com and clicking “Account Details” from the “My Account” menu. From there you can edit the student profile.


The Academy provides grade reports at the end of each school year and transcripts upon request. A 24/7 grade book is available to students and parents on each class page. If a student needs a grade report sent at the end of each semester we can do this upon request. All transcript requests should be sent to [email protected] and include the student’s name, parent’s name, and current address. We will also send these to universities and colleges at no cost, but the full address and any deadlines must be included with the email request.

Privacy & Copyright

No resource available to online academy students and parents may be distributed or shared on any external website, through electronic mail, or any other medium. All information is privileged.