Bible Literacy

Description: Scriptural knowledge is foundational for any understanding of the Christian faith. This course will prepare students for future study in Church history, apologetics, theology, and even literature by cementing Biblical knowledge. The scope of the course is the entire Bible, and as such will be a good review for those that have already studied portions of the Bible in depth (Christian Studies I-III is recommended for younger students in preparation). While encountering the living Word of God in the Scripture, students will also be required to master portions by heart so they can carry it with them always.

Grade Level: 6-9 (ages 11-15) (9th graders wanting high school credit will have additional assignments) 

Prerequisites: None

Required Materials: Christian Studies IV Student and Reader. Christian Studies IV Teacher is recommended. A full Bible is required; the KJV will be most often used in class but a KJV/NIV side by side version is preferable for students that will struggle with the older language of the KJV.