The High School Diploma Program is a challenging program, to which any hard-working student is welcome to apply. To graduate, students must maintain a certain level of academic excellence, complete specific course requirements as well as required testing.


Tuition Cost

Diploma Students are required to take a minimum of five classes each year, and they receive 15% off the cost of tuition. Other costs are kept to a minimum and a payment plan is available. 

Courses and Credits

Graduating students will earn at least 28 credits. Each year students will take five online classes and two other classes. These two might include additional Memoria Academy classes, local co-op classes, community college classes, or homeschool classes taught by the parent. To receive credit, some documentation is required. Upon acceptance into the program, parents will consult with the administration for a four-year high school degree map.  


Memoria Academy is fully accredited by the Classical Latin School Association (CLSA). CLSA accreditation is designed to help schools further their classical educational mission through a focus on academic standards, practices, and results.

State by State Requirements 

Each state has its own high school graduation requirements that universities use when evaluating applicants. The Diploma Program was designed and organized to meet or exceed the requirements in all 50 states and is completely consistent with the homeschooling law in all 50 states. See this link for state-by-state requirements from HSLDA.

Standardized Testing Requirements

Families must arrange to take the following tests locally and the scores should be reported to Memoria Academy.

  • PSAT: During the fall of the junior year, students will take the PSAT. Scores from this test are used to determine National Merit Scholars. The PSAT code varies by state and you can see the codes here.
  • SAT or ACT: Students will also take either the SAT or the ACT. While the SAT is taken during the Spring of the junior year, the ACT is taken during the Fall of the senior year. The SAT high school code homeschool students is: 970000. The ACT school code for homeschool student is 969-999. With both tests, the scores are sent directly to the student’s home.
  • One AP Exam for an AP class taken through the Online Academy (see AP requirement above). Our College Board code is 180036 for AP Exams.