Poetry and Short Stories

Description: In the formative years of America at the turn of the nineteenth century, the new nation was painfully aware that it lacked a body of literature that could express the unique, developing American culture. Early American Romanticist Washington Irving was the first to answer this call, soon followed by the beloved Fireside Poets, Edgar Allan Poe with his macabre psychological tales, the unconventional Emily Dickinson, and many others who have since been enshrined in the canon of American literature. This collection from the first two centuries of American literature gives students a solid foundation in understanding some of the most important and influential poems and short stories from this time period, and the accompanying study guides lead students in analysis and a deep appreciation of each.

A sample of the anthology can be found here that includes the table of contents. Not all of the poems will be covered in this course.

In this course, students will have the opportunity to study this novel. With the aid of the study guide, students will improve their active reading skills through an observation and discussion of the storylines and vocabulary in the individual stories. The guide will help students to check their comprehension of the readings through key questions and composition activities. No credit will be awarded for this class.

Please note:

  • This class is unique for the Memoria Academy. Our classes are normally limited to 16 students but this one will be for a larger student body. As such it will not be as interactive as our normal classes.
  • No refunds will be offered after registration.
  • There will be a two week break for Christmas from December 23 – January 7.

Grade Level: 6-8 (ages 11-14)

Required Materials: Poetry and Short Stories for the Logic Stage Text and Student Guide from Memoria Press. The Teacher Guide is optional.

Poetry and Short Stories for the Logic Stage - Winter 2023-24Shannon LacyTh2:40 - 4:10 PM ET12/4/2023 - 1/26/2024$15.00