Political Philosophy

Description: This course is an introduction to political philosophy as seen through an examination of some of the major texts and thinkers of the Western political tradition. Three broad themes that are central to understanding political life are focused upon: 1) the polis experience (Plato, Aristotle), 2) the sovereign state (Machiavelli, Hobbes), 3) constitutional government (Declaration) – with an emphasis on American Political thought as embodied in the Declaration and Constitution. Finally, the course will assess the way in which different religious beliefs about divinity have given expression in the structure and life of society. Students will need to devote 45-60 minutes per day for this class. The assessment is based on participation, weekly outlines, quizzes, and an essay. This class is worth 1/2 a high school credit in Government, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, or as an Elective.

Grade Level: 10-12 (ages 15-18)

Prerequisites: None

Required Materials: The required text is On the History of Political Philosophy: Great Political Thinkers from Thucydides to Locke by Włodzimierz Julian Korab-Karpowicz. Students will also need a USB headset microphone (built-in microphones also work).

Political Philosophy A Fall 2024Gregory Teal F11:20 - 12:50 PM ET9/9/2024-1/24/2025-1$315.00
Political Philosophy A Spring 2025Gregory TealF11:20 AM - 12:50 PM ET01/27/25 - 05/30/258$315.00