Abigail Johnson

Abigail Johnson is a longtime lover of classical education, being in 8th grade when her city’s classical K-12 school started. She went on in the classical disciplines to graduate from New St. Andrews with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Culture. She and her husband moved to Costa Rica, where they lived for 6 years. While there, she worked as an English tutor for second language students and a project manager at a data research company. She has loved teaching at Memoria Academy since joining in 2012, in subjects ranging from Classical Composition to Homer, Dante, L. M. Montgomery, and Tolkien. Teaching the same subjects each year, she says, is far from boring, but instead gives her the opportunity to delve further into the genius  of what makes great literature, allowing us to appreciate its beauty more deeply. She also travels with the Schools Division to train educators in classical instruction. When not grading essays, Abigail enjoys classical music, helping with local Christian ballet Dramatic Truth, and cooking, and she has aspirations of one day keeping houseplants alive. A native to Kansas City, she lives with her husband, Mat, and their three children.

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