Second Form Latin

Description: Second Form Latin continues the journey of learning Latin grammar logically and systematically, in order to facilitate retention and understanding. The extensive workbook exercises ensure skills mastery and rapid recognition. Students will need to devote 30-45 minutes per day for this class. The grade is based on participation, weekly quizzes, and mid-term and final exam. The class is interactive and students will be called upon to recite in class. Once students have finished Second Form Latin, students will have crossed the halfway mark on their Latin journey! For information on the content covered see the Second Form Latin table of contents here. This class is worth 1 high school credit.

Prerequisites: Completion of First Form Latin or the equivalent. Students from different Latin programs should see the First Form table of contents here for what is assumed prior to starting Second Form.

Required Materials: Second Form Latin Student Text, Student Workbook, Pronunciation CD, and Workbook Key. Students will also need a USB headset microphone (built-in microphones also work).

Syllabus: See the Second Form Latin syllabus

Translation Supplement Course: This course provides practice and instruction in translating Latin, and it was designed to reinforce the Latin grammar. For more information about these supplements, see the supplemental course page.

Second Form Latin AKevin DrayT9:40 - 11:10 AM ET9/9/2024-5/30/20250$645.00
Second Form Latin BKevin DrayW9:40 - 11:10 AM ET9/9/2024-5/30/2025-2$645.00
Second Form Latin CMargaret Mary SummersT8:00 - 9:30 AM ET9/9/2024-5/30/202511$645.00
Second Form Latin DMargaret Mary SummersTh8:00 -9:30 AM ET9/9/2024-5/30/202511$645.00
Second Form Latin EHilary CesareM9:40 - 11:10 AM ET9/9/2024-5/30/20251$645.00
Second Form Latin FHilary CesareM11:20 AM - 12:50 PM ET9/9/2024-5/30/20256$645.00
Second Form Latin GCarissa BrunoTh11:20 AM - 12:50 PM ET9/9/2024-5/30/202514$645.00
Second Form Latin HCourtney MesserT1:00 - 2:30 PM ET9/9/2024-5/30/20252$645.00
Second Form Latin IRose CockerhamW9:40 - 11:10 AM ET9/9/2024-5/30/202513$645.00
Second Form Latin Translation Supplement ASusan StricklandW9:40 - 10:40 AM ET01/27/25 - 05/30/258$145.00
Second Form Latin Translation Supplement BSusan StricklandW11:20 - 12:20 PM ET1/29/2024-5/31/20247$145.00