Latin and Greek

Students can take Henle Latin III Cicero or AP Latin if ready, but students with no Latin should take Henle Latin I: Units 1-5 or continue with whatever course builds on the Latin taken previously. Conversely, students who have completed Latin may wish to take a Greek course.

Classical Composition

Students unfamiliar with the Classical Composition method should take High School Composition I. AP English Literature and Composition can also be substituted and contains a significant writing component, but students should already have some writing experience. The advanced student can take Senior Thesis as a capstone, semester course.

Classical Studies

Students can take any of the Classical Studies courses, but students with no background in Classical Studies should begin with Classical Studies I.


Students have a number of literature options, but one of the following literature courses would be suitable for this grade level.


Students should take Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Physics or another appropriate science course.


Students should take Geometry, Precalculus, or another appropriate math course.

Modern History

Students can take American History II, European History II, an AP course, or any number of other modern history courses.

Government and Economics

Students can take both Government and Economics as semester courses.

Logic and Philosophy

Students can take either Informal Fallacies, Classical Rhetoric, or Political Philosophy as semester courses. Alternatively, students can also opt to take Traditional Logic I and Traditional Logic II if they haven’t alreay.